Nate's Code
My History In Computers

I have had an interest in computers as far back as preschool, when my family had an old Texas Instruments computer that looked more like a video game system, but it did allow you to write programs using TI-Basic (a language based mostly on line numbers and goto statements). Although I never learned to do much but teach it to count and display words because I was so young, I did have a strong interest in learning about it. This interest continued to grow when my family purchased our first computer with a floppy disk drive and DOS operating system. As we moved on up through the operating systems as they came, I was soon the first person in my family to move into the Windows 95 era when I got my own computer for the first time. The start of my experiences in programming began while I was in high school with Visual Basic, JavaScript, and HTML. By the time I graduated and started college, I knew that computer science was without question the major I wanted.

Since graduating, I have had several jobs doing ASP.NET websites, as well as spent a large amount of my free time learning more, building my personal website, and working on custom ASP.NET controls and classes. All of these controls and classes are available for download here on my site both as a single compiled assembly (NathanSokalski.dll) and as individual *.vb source code files. The single compiled assembly can be downloaded below, and the source code for all the controls and classes is available on the Source Code section of their pages.