Rotators Description
ASP.NET Rotator Controls

Most people who have ever worked in web development know that a simple way to make an HTML-only rotator (a series of images that periodically changes) is using JavaScript. However, as simple as the code to do this is, it is also a pain to write every time you make a new page or site (even if you can copy most of it from another page), and when a client wants an image added or removed, it would be nice to allow anyone to do it without worrying about them destroying your code. As a solution to this problem, I have written two simple controls, AdRotator and ImageRotator. AdRotator places the images inside an anchor tag so the user can click the images, and the ImageRotator is simply a series of periodically changing images. The source of the data can be child controls (RotatorAd or RotatorImage) or an XML file. I have also written a document type definition (DTD) that can be used with the XML file.