Nate's Poetry Page
Friend DiversitySteps To Friendship
Goodbye, My FriendThank You For Your Friendship
How To Be A FriendThat's What Makes My Life Complete
I Haven't Seen YouThe Finding of Fun
I'll Be Remembering…The Friendships I Have Sought
A Friend Like YouIt All Started In The PastThe Growth of a Friendship
A Friend Stays A FriendIt Don't Take Much To Be A FriendThe Happy Life I Lost
A Friend To The EndIt’s So Great To Have Found FriendsThe Joy of .NET
A Friendship Soon To BeI've Always Asked the QuestionThe Life That Came Along
A Friendship That Lives OnI've Been Gone For A Long TimeThe Lip I Let Slip
A Friendship That We ShareLife Will Never Be The SameThe Night Before Finals
A Full-Time JobLife With My FriendsThe Power of a Word
A Hidden FriendLost In LifeThe Time Has Now Arrived
A Life of ChangeMemories, Changes, and FriendsThere Was A Friendship That We Built
A Painful TrendMy Joys At JohnsonWelcome Back!
A Risk & A FriendMy Life Without YouWhat I Learned At College
A Time Without My FriendsMy Road of LifeWhat Mistake is it I'm Making?
Alone Without My FriendsOpinions I can't ChangeWhen My Life Was At Its Worst
An Expression I Can’t ShowSigns of A FriendYou Have Created A Friendship
Ever Since I Met You…So Great To Be BackYou've Helped Me

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"A friend is like a piece of merchandise: You try it based on what you see, you keep it based on what you get"
"A friend of a friend is a friend of mine"
"A friend who cannot make time for you is not a friend you have time to make"
"A life of happiness is a life of success"
"Doing nothing is harder than you think"
"Everybody is a friend until they have proven otherwise"
"Friendship is a multi-player game; nobody can win it by themself"
"It's only work when you're forced to do it"
"No two people are exactly the same, therefore, nobody can be considered normal"
"Of course they're crazy! They're human; it's a given"