My Joys At Johnson
My Joys At Johnson
Nathan Sokalski

As I get up and go to class,
There is a desk that I will pass,

And as I’m welcomed by the staff,
I get to have my morning laugh,

Then later while I’m in my room,
Our loyal Cliff comes with his broom,

He’ll brighten your day and tell you a joke,
Then step outside and have a smoke,

And as the evening comes around,
I’ll start the work that I have found,

Then when my tasks are finally done,
I say, "Come on, let’s have some fun!",

Be it a meeting or a quick game of pool,
If it’s here with my friends it’s sure to be cool,

And so in case you’ve not noticed,
This one place has it all,
So let me say that I love it,
Here at Johnson Hall!

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