Opinions I can't Change
Opinions I can't Change
Nathan Sokalski

I'll always have my own opinions,
And I know you'll have yours too,
But they're opinions we can't change,
It's just something we can't do!

We feel opinions we've been given,
And try to understand the rest,
Then we pretend to know the other's feelings,
It's how we get along the best!

But my opinions feel too different,
It's been that way my whole life long,
I just don't know how I've survived,
In a world where I am wrong!

If it's an opinion that I feel,
Then it's not felt by who is near,
It's separated me from others,
And brings upon me my worst fear!

So when opinions can't be changed,
And if I'm as different as I feel,
Is there such a thing as friendship,
Or will my dream remain unreal?

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