The Night Before Finals
The Night Before Finals
Nathan Sokalski

'Twas the night before finals,
When all through the dorm,
All the students were sleeping,
Getting set to perform!

The knowledge of textbooks,
Was stuffed tight in our brains,
As we prayed that exams,
Would not drive us insane!

With pencils in backpack,
And I on my way,
Had just started cross campus,
For the exam of the day!

When on top of my desk,
Someone placed such a terror,
I knew not what to do,
But to hope it was error!

I then looked over the paper,
With my horrified eyes,
And saw it was tests of the past,
But in a much larger size!

But as I looked at the questions,
I noticed that what I read,
Was all stuff I had learned,
And I had nothing to dread!

The prof spoke not a word,
Just let us sit there and work,
She sat there with her laptop,
In her chair with a smirk!

But then as we were leaving,
There was one thing that she said,
Have a good break to all,
And to all a good grade!

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