Welcome Back!
Welcome Back!
Nathan Sokalski

I now know why it’s called break,
`Cause it can break your heart in two,
It’s separation from my friends,
And there’s nothing I can do!

I’ve now suffered for a week,
Going day after day after day,
I had no friends like you,
It was worse than I can say!

I’ve now seen my life without you,
And discovered what you mean,
I’ve seen you’re more than just some friend,
You’re a friend to the extreme!

Now my break has finally ended,
It was a dull and lonely curse,
But now I’m back with friends like you,
So let me thank you with this verse!

And now I’m with you once again,
And my life is back on track,
And I owe it all to you,
So let me tell you welcome back!

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