Curves Gone Wild for Windows 8.1
Description: Curves Gone Wild is a simulator of the popular children's toy in which one circle rolls around inside another drawing a design of a continuous curved line. The app allows you to choose all three values for drawing the line, as well as choose colors for the background of the entire area (the corners of the design), the background of the circle in which the design is drawn, and the color of the line itself. You can also adjust the speed at which the design is drawn, save it as an image on your hard drive or SkyDrive, or copy it to the ClipBoard.
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Changing and Drawing the Design
To Select the Values Used to Create Your Design:
The design is drawn using 3 values you specify. The first is the radius of the outer ring, in which the inner circle rolls around. The second is the radius of the inner circle itself, and the third is the distance from the center of the inner circle the drawing point is placed. You can either watch as the design is drawn, or you can use the App Bar at the bottom of the screen (you will need to use the appropriate gesture or key combination to make it visible, depending on whether you are using a touch screen, mouse, or keyboard) to select the Finish button to draw the entire design. You can also use the Redraw, Pause, and Continue buttons on the App Bar to restart the drawing process from the beginning or start/stop the drawing process.
To Change the Colors of Your Design:
There are 3 colors used in the design, the Background (the corners, which you can make transparent by checking the Transparent Background checkbox), the Circle Background (the area on which the design is drawn), and the Drawing Color (the color used to draw the design). Each of these colors is chosen using Red, Green, and Blue sliders on the right side of the screen.
To Change the Speed at Which Your Design is Drawn:
The speed at which you design is drawn is determined by the slider on the right of the screen below the color selection. The left is slowest, and the right is fastest. The design's curves will not be as smooth when drawn at a faster speed, so if you plan on saving the image, I recommend using the slowest speed (which isn't always that slow!). If you want to see the finished design without watching the whole thing get drawn, you can use the Finish button on the App Bar at the bottom of the screen.
To Save an Image of the Design:
You can save an image of the design to your hard drive or SkyDrive using the Save button on the App Bar at the bottom of the screen.
To Copy an Image of the Design to the Clipboard:
You can copy an image of the design to the Clipboard using the Copy button on the App Bar at the bottom of the screen.
NOTE: The Save and Copy buttons will save or copy the finished design, not the currently displayed status.