Sudoku Assistant for Windows 8.1
Description: Sudoku Assistant allows you to enter the given values for a puzzle and will solve it for you. You can have all of the solution automatically displayed and updated, or you can show/hide specific squares. If a square has more than one possible solution based on the values you have given, all possible values will be displayed.
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Entering and Solving a Sudoku Puzzle
To Enter the Given Values:
To enter the given values for a puzzle, tap a square or use the arrow keys to select it. After selecting a square, tap a value from 1 to 9 on the keypad to right of the puzzle or press 1-9 on the keyboard. If you accidentally specify a value for a square and wish to mark that square as unknown (one of the squares that must be solved by the app), tap the Unknown button on the keypad or press 0, Backspace, Spacebar, or Delete on the keyboard. Given values (values that you have specified) are displayed in bold, solved squares (squares for which the solution has been found) are displayed in a normal font, and squares that have multiple possible values (squares for which the solution cannot be determined) are displayed in a slightly smaller red font.
To determine whether the puzzle has been solved:
Every time you change the value of a square, the app attempts to solve it. The current status is displayed below the puzzle. (NOTE: If you have entered values that eliminate all possible values for a square (there are no solutions), the displayed values are not updated, meaning that some values displayed will not be correct)
To View the Entire Solution Using Autosolve:
If you wish to view the entire solution (which will be dynamically updated as you enter or change values), select Autosolve to the upper right of the puzzle.
To View the Solution Only For Specific Squares Using Help Me Solve:
If you wish to view the solution only for specific squares, tap a square to show/hide the solution(s) for that square. Tapping a given square (a square for which you specified the value, displayed in bold) will not hide it. If you wish to mark the square as unknown (a square whose value must be solved by the app), tap the Unknown button on the keypad to the right of the puzzle. You can also show/hide squares in Help Me Solve mode using the arrow keys to select a square and pressing the enter key to show/hide the selected square.