Colorful Logic for Windows Phone
Description: Colorful Logic is based on a simple game of logic in which you attempt to figure out a pattern of hidden colors. After submitting each guess you will be shown one black pin for each correct color in the correct position, and one white pin for each correct color in the wrong position (the order and position of the pins is not significant). This information is used in future guesses to help you figure out the pattern of hidden colors.
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How to Play Colorful Logic
To select a color for one of the five positions:
Select the desired position for the current turn by tapping it. A black square will appear around the currently selected position. Tap the desired color on the right side of the screen. The colors can be scrolled using either the up and down arrows or by dragging the color bar (the colors will not be scrollable until a position is selected). Note that a color remains selected and can be changed until the turn is submitted.
To submit the current turn:
To submit the current turn, tap the Submit button in the upper right of the screen. The black and white pins, if any, will then be displayed to the right of that turn and your next turn will begin. To view previous turns (due to screen size, not all turns will be visible at the same time), drag the board up or down. After you have either solved the puzzle or played your last turn, the hidden colors will be revealed and the Submit button will be replaced by a New Game button.