Curves Gone Wild for Windows Phone
Description: Curves Gone Wild is a simulator of the popular children's toy in which one circle rolls around inside another drawing a design of a continuous curved line. The app allows you to choose all three values for drawing the line, as well as choose colors for the background of the entire area (the corners of the design), the background of the circle in which the design is drawn, and the color of the line itself. After the design has been drawn, the app allows you to save it to you Pictures library as a *.jpg image.
This App At:
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The App Bar Buttons
Clear and redraw the design Complete the drawing of the design
Pause the drawing of the design Save the design to your Pictures library as a *.jpg image
Continue drawing the design Edit the colors used to draw the design
The Sliders & Their Ranges
Radius of outer ring50 to 205
Radius of inner circle5 to value of first slider
Distance from center of inner circle0 to value of second slider