Golf Scores for Windows Phone
Description: Golf Scores is a utility for keeping track of golf scores. It gives you the ability to define courses by entering a name and par so that you can play the course later and display par, or you can simply play a no-par course and keep track of only the scores. Scores and par can be sent as an email, and courses can be uploaded to and downloaded from SkyDrive.
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Preparing for the Game
Add, Edit & Delete Player Names

Player names are entered using standard textboxes and keyboard, and you are required to enter a minimum of 1 name before starting the game. Names are automatically saved anytime they are added, edited, or removed.

This button will delete the player from the list.
This button will move the player up one position in the list. This can be used if you wish to change the order of the players' names.
Creating a New Course

There are two types of courses in the Golf Scores app, named courses with par (which you must create) and no-par courses (which are simply the scores). You must have at entered least one player name before starting either type of course.

To create a named course with par, tap the Create New Course button on the main menu. The create course page requires you to enter a name for the course and par for each hole. The selected hole will be displayed with a gold background. To select a hole, tap it. To enter or change the par value for that hole, tap the desired value at the bottom of the screen. When par is entered or changed for any hole, the next hole will be automatically selected. You can save, cancel, or play the course using the Application Bar buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Editing & Deleting Courses

To edit or delete an existing course, tap the Edit/Delete Course button on the main menu. This will display a list of all existing courses, each with a delete and edit button next to it.

This button will delete the course from the list.
This button will allow you to edit the course.
Synchronizing with SkyDrive

To sign in, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Sync With SkyDrive button on the main menu
  2. Tap the Sign In button on the Sync With SkyDrive page
  3. When asked to enter your Microsoft Account information, enter the account and password associated with your SkyDrive account
  4. When asked your permission to Access and edit your SkyDrive, tap Yes

To upload the courses currently on your phone, tap the Upload Current Data button. This will upload a file named "GolfScoresAppCourses" to your SkyDrive account.

If you have previously uploaded any courses to your SkyDrive account, you can download them to be merged with any courses already on your phone. To download the previously uploaded courses, tap the Download Previous Data button. For each course downloaded, one of the following actions will be taken:

If the course does not exist on your phoneThe course will be saved to your phone as a new course.
If the course already exists on your phoneIf par is the same for every hole (the courses are equivelant), no action is taken, otherwise, you will be asked whether you want to keep the one already on your phone or replace it with the downloaded course.
Selecting & Playing a Course

There are two types of courses in the Golf Scores app, no-par courses that are just the scores for each hole, and named courses (which you must create, as described above) that include a name and par for each hole. Scores are entered the same way for both types of courses.

Selecting a No-Par Course

A no-par course can be started from any page that contains a No-Par Course button, including the main menu. You must have at least one name in the list of player names before starting the course.

Selecting a Named Course

A named course must be created before it can be played, as described above. Named courses include par, and display the scores and totals in the format 2 (-1). A named course can be selected in either of the following ways:

From the main menu:To select a named course from the main menu, tap the Select Course button, and you will be shown a list of buttons with the course names. Tap the button for the course you wish to play.
From the create/edit
course page:
The third button on the application bar of the create/edit course page will select the course you are editing or have just created (your changes will be automatically saved).
Selecting a Player & Hole

You can select a player by tapping anywhere in their score area. When you select a player, the last hole selected for that player is automatically selected. The selected hole is displayed with a gold background. You can select a hole using the Prev Hole and Next Hole buttons in the upper right of the screen.

Entering or Changing a Score

To enter a score for the selected player and hole (displayed with a gold background), tap the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen. This will enter or change the selected hole to the desired value, and select the next player, or if there is only one player, the next hole. The scores and totals are displayed in the format 2 (-1) for named courses, or just the score for no-par courses.

The Buttons

There are three buttons in the lower right of your screen for starting a new game, emailing the scores, or leaving the game to return to the main menu.

This button will clear all scores and start a new game with the same players and course. You may wish to use the Email Scores button to email your scores before starting the new game.
This button will generate an email containing par and the current scores and total. This button can be used at any time without losing your scores. (NOTE: The email may look a little weird at first, when you receive it, copy & paste it into Notepad or another text editor so that it is displayed with a fixed-width font.)
This button will send you back to the main menu. You may wish to use the Email Scores button to email your scores before leaving the game.