Jeopardy Scorekeeper for Windows Phone
Description: Are you and your friends competitive Jeopardy fans? If so, then you probably want an easy way to keep score while watching the show, and this is your solution! The Jeopardy Scorekeeper is basically a glorified addition & subtraction calculator for giving points to (or taking points from) the players. It does not account for the Daily Doubles or Final Jeopardy, just the general adding or subtracting of the fixed amounts.
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The App Bar Buttons
Start a new game. The players' names will be retained, and scores will be reset to 0.
Edit player names. You can enter up to 3 player names, all of which will be retained between rounds and games so that you do not need to reenter them every time (since most people usually watch with the same people every time). The names can be edited at any point, however, editing any of the names (or even going to the Player Names page) will reset the scores to 0, so I strongly recommend that you enter the names at the very beginning. When you first open the app, if no names have been entered you will be asked if you would like to enter them now.
Edit categories. If desired, you can edit the displayed category names. This is completely optional, and the categories will be reset to Category 1, Category 2, etc. at the beginning of each round. If you leave a category blank, the default value of Category 1, Category 2, etc. will be used.
Start Double Jeopardy. This button is used to start Double Jeopardy. You will most likely rarely use this button, because once all spaces are used in the first round, Double Jeopardy is automatically started, and it is disabled once Double Jeopardy has been started.
Keeping Score
To select a space:
To select space, simply tap that space on the Jeopardy board. An enlarged view of that space will then be displayed in place of the board, along with the category name above it. You will also see a message in the lower-right that says "I Meant To Pick A Different Space", which you can tap if you selected the wrong space (this message will disappear once any of the players give an answer).
To give or take points for a correct or incorrect answer:
When a player gives an answer, tap the appropriate button below that player's name (Correct or Incorrect) to have the points added or subtracted from their score.
If nobody attempts to give an answer:
If none of the players attempt to give an answer (or if all attempted answers were wrong and the remaining player(s) do not wish to give an answer), tap the red "Nobody" button.