PhonePad for Windows Phone
Description: One thing that I have always wondered why Windows Phone doesn't have built in is an app for writing down simple notes (somebody's address if you don't want to enter it into your address book right away, a list of things to do, etc.). PhonePad is a very simple, very basic text editor for Windows Phone that can be used for tasks such as these. PhonePad uses the standard keyboard with text suggestion, and allows you to save it for later viewing and/or editing. You can also save multiple files to keep your notes organized (these files are visible only on the phone due to the way Windows Phone works, but it is still useful) or have an email automatically generated to send the text in an email.
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The Text Editor Page
The Textbox

The textbox functions just like any other multi-line textbox, and you can enter any text that the keyboard allows. There is no limit as to how much text you can enter.

The App Bar Buttons
Clears all currently entered text. If you got this text by opening a file or have already saved the text to a file, this will not delete or change that file.
Saves the currently entered text to a file on your phone. This file is viewable only by the PhonePad app, and will be deleted if you uninstall the app. Although the PhonePad app itself does not restrict the size of or how many files you can save, you may receive errors if you have more than 255 files saved at a time or go over your phone's storage limit, so I strongly recommend that you delete any files once you no longer need them.
Displays the Load/Delete page. This page is used to load an existing file for viewing and/or editing, or to delete an existing file. (NOTE: This button will be disabled if there are no currently existing files)
Generates an email containing the currently entered text. This is used if you want to send the text to your desktop or laptop in an email.
The Load/Delete Page
To load a file:
To load a file for viewing and/or editing, tap the filename. This will automatically return you to the Text Editor page and load the selected file.
To delete a file:
To delete a file, tap the DELETE button to the right of the filename. If you delete all files, you will be automatically returned to the Text Editor page.